Alliance Health Documentation utilizes only qualified, US-based transcriptionists. We have highly-trained QA professionals who review and analyze documentation utilizing the powerful quality management tool called TQAudit®.

Alliance Health Documentation follows closely the recommendations and trends in industry when it comes to quality, specifically AHDI.

With this in mind, AHD bases their quality philosophy on “The Best Practices” document published in 2010. The boards of directors of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), and the Medical Transcription Industry Association (MTIA) collaborated to publish this, which essentially is an updated best practices document for quality assessment in healthcare documentation. This document is available for full review on the AHDI website.
Alliance Health Documentation takes pride in achieving 98+% turnaround time efficiency!
Along with monthly communication to share quality scores and turn-around-time results, with the gold level of service, a member of Alliance Health Documentation's senior management will make annual site visits to your facility.
Our rates are extremely reasonable. You will find them to be competitive with what national companies are charging and your dictation will not be sent overseas.Alliance Health Documentation offers three levels of service based on the individual needs of our customers and the level of service they desire. 

GOLD level of service offers a complete outsource solution with full workflow management

SILVER level of service offers a full outsource solution with limited workflow management

BRONZE level of service offers a complete transcription outsource solution without workflow management.

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In today's ever evolving EMR (electronic medical record) world, you can be assured that Alliance Health Documentation will work to integrate with your platform.
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As one of our levels of service, choose Alliance Health Documentation to provide 100% of the transcription workflow management.  This works to eliminate the client's dependency on supervisors or on lead transcriptionists to monitor workflow, scheduling coverage, vacations, and leave of absence.
Our real time customer service is only an e-mail or phone call away.  The staff members at Alliance Health Documentation realize the importance of having access to live, real time customer service by providing our clients with immediate assistance via prompt customer service representatives.
Alliance Health Documentation has NO overseas outsourcing.
Alliance Health Documentation can alleviate the headaches associated with managing your own transcription task force by transitioning your transcriptionists to our employment. Let us relieve you from this task!
Alliance Health Documentation takes security very seriously.  Our information security/compliance officer ensures that we comply with all HIPAA and security regulations.
You can be assured that Alliance Health Documentation will work to integrate with your platform.
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