In 1998, early in her career, Julie decided to check out the local transcription business, as she was studying to be a medical transcriptionist at EMCC.  She knocked on Judy Pomeroy’s door and that was the first step to a long relationship in this business. She rapidly expanded her role and within 6 months of that knock on the door, became the office manager and things took off from there.   Julie has spent a great deal of time studying technology as it pertains to transcription, learning the complete inner workings of various dictation systems, hospital mainframes, transcription platforms and interfaces.  Julie has an amazing team and they have even designed their own transcription platform that interfaces with other transcription and hospital systems. She truly enjoys the technology side of the business, and is a self-proclaimed “nerd.”   She has the innate ability to look outside the box and create a program that suits the needs of each individual customer, which has taken her far and gained her great respect in the transcription industry.  Julie's personable and accessible manner makes her a true asset to her customers. 
Julie’s favorite hobby is shoe shopping and she has an extensive collection, which brings much entertainment to her family and friends. Family is very important to Julie   She enjoys spending time with her husband of 20 years, her daughter and her son. She loves the ocean, going to the beach and camping, and gets through the long Maine winters by staying active with skiing.   
Involving herself in and around start-up business has been a way of life for Judy. With a Business Associates Degree in Medical Secretarial Science and 10 years’ experience in HIM, she started her first Transcription company in 1989. (Yes, she remembers what a typewriter is!) She has owned and operated a number of successful businesses since that time with transcription being her all-time favorite.

Judy has a long history of community service. She assisted in the organization of a work study program with a local college providing training to local transcription students. She has volunteered in various programs at the local “Y” and has provided support to children in need through the Foster Parent program of the State of Maine. Judy considers herself lucky to have 2 awesome sons, 2 beautiful granddaughters, a cat and a little blonde yorkie named Marilyn Monroe!
Chasity holds a degree in Medical Office Management.  She started her transcription career by transcribing for a local doctor's office at home on a part-time basis.  A few years and a few accounts later she found herself very proficient in CPSI, Meditech, and Word programs.   Chasity is all about "doing a job right the first time so it doesn't have to be re-done."  She's also a bit of a control freak which may be why she enjoys being in charge of workflow.  She married in 1995, has two kids, a dog, and a very unfriendly cat.  Her son is in college studying a degree in Accounting.  Her daughter is currently a sophomore in high school.
She is a member of the Hartland Baptist Church where her husband is a deacon and she teaches a ladies' Sunday School class.  She also volunteers as needed at her daughter's private school, mainly with higher-education maths and sciences.

And last, but certainly not least on her list of accomplishments and current duties is her position as a full time "domestic engineer" with duties that include, accountant, personal shopper, chef, housekeeper, teacher, chauffeur, negotiator, and any and all other duties associated with being a full-time mother and wife with a Masters and PhD in patience.

What does she enjoy doing in her free time?  What's that?  If and when she was to ever find herself with free time she enjoys playing in her 220-gallon salt-water aquarium.  
Deb comes to AHD as a licensed Casualty Claim Law Associate.  Deb is our HR guru.  Deb handles payroll as well as benefits.  Deb also manages work flow.  She works with the transcriptionists and monitors turn-around times to ensure that transcription is completed in a timely fashion.   While doing this, she is always keeping an eye on quality to make sure the work being returned is meeting our excellent quality standards. 

When Deb is not keeping us put together here at AHD, she enjoys doing carpentry.  Deb also enjoys the art of stained glass and finds creating stained glass projects with lead to be a fun hobby.
Norm entered the transcription profession back in 2000.  He has held several positions in transcription.  In his last role as supervisor, while performing the various duties of that position, he found many of the processes currently in place were in need of process improvement.  That is when his passion for the IT profession became evident.  He would find many of the processes he performed could be much more efficiently handled with an application.  And not having an application did not stop him…. he would just create one!  One application he developed was for processing payroll.  This application was much more efficient than processing payroll manually and it also helped to ensure accuracy.  Norm recently attended Dolbey University and has found his training to be beneficial in developing interfaces and managing our transcription platforms.

In the years B.T. (“before transcription”) Norm was very involved in music and theater…to include being a director and performer in theatrical performances!  Norm still enjoys playing guitar and you never know, you may even find him performing in local karaoke establishments…
Marie is known as the “QA Queen” of our group.  She comes to AHD with a BA in Religious Studies with a minor in Christian Education.  Marie started out as a transcriptionist 35 years ago and her desire for perfection directed her to the area of QA.   She is responsible for the overall quality of the organization – performs routine quality checks on all MTs with feedback given to MTs and clients on a regular basis.  One of Marie’s accomplishments was to help implement a hospital’s transcription department which included hiring, training and actual set up of MTs at their homes in conjunction with the IT people. She then moved back to Maine and went to work for Medical Transcribers, Inc., the original company.  After 3 years, accepted a position with EMMC as their quality supervisor and has been in this position now for almost 15 years.

She loves to shop -- shoes, clothes, etc.  She also loves decorating.  She has taken stained glass classes and made several pieces to give to family and friends.   She and her two daughters love living in New England having lived in the south for quite a few years
Teresa comes to AHD with a degree in Medical Record Technology.  She began in 1988 in a coding position and soon after switched her career to medical transcription.  In her 25+ years in the transcription profession, she has been a transcriptionist, quality reviewer, trainer, supervisor, and even has thrown her hat into the IT arena  for a few years as database administrator for the dictation and transcription systems.  Teresa enjoys the variety her position provides.  As Account Manager, she enjoys the relationships she has with clients and enjoys working with them on their transcription needs.  Her varied experience has been of great benefit in her position from working with clients to working with the other members of the management team. 

Teresa and her husband David enjoy time with friends and family playing cards, dominoes or just sitting by a fire. 

Amy has found her niche with AHD by being supervisor to all!  Amy is certified in Workplace Ergonomics and is a Certified Facilitator with Pathfinders a program for grieving children.   Amy manages staff and is responsible for work flow, keeping all accounts within their contracted turn-around times all while managing the balance of employee vacations and time off.  Amy started her career as a transcriptionist in 2000.  Her primary account was oncology and she loved it.  In 2006, Amy decided to accept a position as supervisor.

Amy enjoys spending her time outside work with her husband and children.  Her daughter Brittnie is a member of the Maine Air National Guard 101ST Air Refueling Wing and is a very proud MAINEiac. Her son Tyler is currently attending Husson University where his major is Criminal Justice. He is also a member of the Husson University Baseball Team. Amy and her husband thoroughly enjoy following the team and cheering them on. 
Marilyn came to AHD with much experience in the field of sitting back and looking pretty.  It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. 
In her spare time she enjoys napping in front of the fireplace and chewing on T-bone treats. 
We thought it would be an interesting fun fact to total up the number of years the Alliance Health Documentation transcriptionists have under their belts and it totaled over 1,250 years!!  Wow!!!  The average number of years' experience is 16-1/2 years, with several at 30-plus.  It proves the passion that these transcriptionists have for what they do.

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